• Effortless implementation
    It only takes one manager one hour a day over 10 days to complete the digital transformation. 
  • Complete automation
    No change to current daily work flow for your service advisors / BDC.
  • A proven and powerful digitalisation platform
    Empowers your customers to self-manage, buy more and stay close to you.
  • World class user experience
    Our team continuously improves the user experience based on user feedback and latest industry standards. 
  • A SaaS platform
    Low cost, no development risk, latest technology and continuous enhancements.
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Everything you need to keep your customers and staffs happy

Keeping it Simple

Plug n' Play

  • CDK remains the source of truth of all your data with bi-directional data flow.

Fully Automated

  • No work-flow interruption to your Service Advisors and BDC personnel.
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Data Hygiene

  • Verified Registration that authenticates the user to prevent fraud while increasing the value of customers, leads and prospects plus instantly write-back to CDK

Uberize Your Aftersales

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  • Seamlessly integrated with CDK, your customers can now book, reschedule & cancel their service appointments in-app. 
  • Automated SMS & email confirmation and service reminders. 
  • Appointments made from another channel will automatically sync to the app.

In-App Upsell

  • Offer your customers unique services and packages based on year, make, model and mileage. 
  • Fully integrated with CDK..

Digitalised Service Experience

  • Customers will automatically receive in-app their RO and invoice. 
  • They can digitally approve this RO and chat / “one click call” with their service advisor. 
  • Non-app customers will receive RO and invoice via email.

UVeye Scan Report

  • Inspection report displayed in-app and stored for future reference. 
  • Users will be able to request to “Get A Quote” on selected defects anytime at their leisure. 
  • Drives more customers to adapt your app.


  • Stimulate more business by rewarding customers for their frequency, consistency, and value of services. 
  • Drives more customers to adapt your app.
In-app marketing

Payment & Financing

  • Payments (debit and credit) are seamlessly handled in-app with Stripe
  • Leverage the power of the world’s largest buy-now- pay-later (BNPL), Klarna, to offer in-app finance for repair orders discreetly in-app.

Digital Logbook

  • Customers will appreciate seeing all their vehicle information in one location for simple reference and action: service history, next service date, warranty status and so much more. 
  • Fully integrated with CDK.

Mobile Service

  • Connect your customers to their mobile service
  • These uber-like experiences will amaze your customers and create loyalty around your fixed operations.

Organic Lead Generation

Inventory Catalog

  • All your dealership’s inventory listed natively in-app for easy browsing and research by users.
  • App users can create wish-lists from your inventory which are passed to your sales team for further action.

Test-Drive Requests

  • App users can request for test drives for their preferred vehicles and date-time.

Engage Regularly

  • Keep your customers updated about your products and services with in-app banner ads. 
  • Track engagement for greater improvement.

Event RSVP

  • Invite your customers in-app to special VIP events. Includes capacity control & private or public invite options. 
  • A great tool to grow authenticated leads.

Inbox Messaging

  • Great tool that stores your important messages for users to revisit in future.  
  • Track engagement.

Customer Review

It is very useful app

Behzad Ardehei

Easy to use and simple details just makes life easier. Keep it up

Jay Cyrll

Very easy to book for me vehicle servicing appointment without any hassle

Jeremy Tan

A very convenient app for owner to book a service or repair, yet to explore more option on this ass and update later

Masses Kow

Nice application, easy to register and use

Vyn Ng

Amazing experience, i love this app


Easy to use and really useful. Very welcome for BMW users

Eddy Kim

Good and reliable

Hafiz Ali

Times saver/ convenient!, love the scheduling features in the Thomas App! Set and change appointments with ease. No reason to call the store

Give Praise!

Convenient app to manage my car


Eazy to use. Great features. I can do everything on my phones


Feeling Organized! I'm all for anything that keeps me organized and the Thomas Automotive App did just that! I was able to upload all our family cars, which now makes it easy to keep track of all our autos in one place. It was super easy and quick to book an appointment and the day of the appointment I was able to pay through the app to save time! I would definitely recommend that all Thomas customers get this app.


Time saver / convenient app Love the scheduling features in the Thomas App! Set and change appointment with ease. No reason to call the store.

Give Praise!

Watch How to Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors And Keep Your Customers For Live

Watch How to Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors And Keep Your Customers For Live

WHIP Promo

Transform your customer engagement with WHIP's white-label native app platform. Fully integrated with CDK Global.

Dealer Promo

Promotional video from Thomas Automotive for their new app.

Loyalty Rewards

WHIP launches In-app e-vouchers to create loyalty and customer engagement with your dealership.


Dealerships utilizing the UVeye platform can now deliver their customer's car inspection reports in-app and create powerful call-to-action to for repairs and service.

Inventory Research

Profile your inventory in-app and generate organic leads via test drive requests and wish-list leads.